Domaine de Lambeyran, Lodeve, Herault

Domaine de Lambeyran, 345 hectares, 160 Camping spaces, Swimming pool, Shop, Bar, Meadows, Woods, terraced areas, WiFi. The World's largest naturist area!

The largest naturist site in France according to the Guinness Book of records, this site is the largest naturist area in the world With a size of 345 ha area (fully naturist). Lambeyran is located in the Languedoc, 50 km north-west of Montpellier. The place is a beautiful natural site, which from the hills, you can see the valley of Lodeve Herault.

The centre of the area has 20 hectares of small independent meadows surrounded by woods with reserved and furnished terraces for camping and caravanning, and overlooking of beautiful view of Lodeve the valley of the Herault. The place is close to the Causses, UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lambeyran is a Holiday Centre of Camping and caravanning that offers a variety of style fairly large sites that can meet almost all vacation desires in a place that can be described as exceptional

Domaine de Lambeyran

Phone:  33 (0)4-67-44-13-99
GPS: N:43° 43.817’ - E:3° 19.336’

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