Quinta-da-Horta, Algarve, Portugal

Quinta da Horta, Naturist holiday in traditional Famstead, Algarve, Portugal

Ted and Hun (the Buns) extend a very warm welcome to you as you arrive at the gate to the wonderful world of the Quinta da Horta. They came for a visit and liked what they found so much they decided to take over the running of this delightful idyll.

Staying at the Quinta da Horta is probably a very different kind of holiday for most people. Most of our guests choose not to wear clothes for much of their time here. Whether they are in or around the pool, walking or sunbathing in the gardens, having a drink or meal with friends they simply choose not to wear clothes. On the other had we respect that a guest may choose to wear clothes at anytime.

We believe that the essence of the Quinta is the feeling of a shared community that develops after a very short time with us. Whether you come as a couple, group of friends, a family or on your own, we're sure you'll soon experience the feeling that you're relaxing with a group of friends in the sun.

At the property are a pool, tennis court and gardens.  This is a small, traditional Portuguese farmstead for a limited number of guests, where they still grow fruit and vegetables for the table. where we try to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

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