Camping le Fayard, Correze, Limousin, France

Camping Le Fayard, Family Naturist Campsite, Naturist card required, Area of 8 hectares, 27 Camping spaces, Swimming pool, Bar, Pets allowed

Camping Le Fayard is a paradise. Clean air, pure spring water, hot sun and quiet. Humming, buzzing, chirping and children playing., that is what you do hear. At night you hear an owl or deer in the forest. Bats are also there, but they make no noise.

In this site, you can still enjoy the space and the silence, a dip in the heated pool. In total nudity. Walking, playing on our terrain and far beyond, free to do whatever you want.

Camping Le Fayard
19260 Veix

Phone: +33 (0)555 940020 

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