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Above - Vritomartis Naturist Resort, Crete

Greece Naturist Resorts, Campsites, Villas and Hotels. 

Visitors to Greece are drawn to the country's beaches and aquamarine coastline where you are virtually guaranteed hot, sunny summer weather.  Greece is a country of great nightlife, numerous historical sites and great natural beauty and of course, it's wonderful ancient civilization with ancient ruins. Home to a dozen World Heritage Sites, the first Olympic Games, Greece is perhaps the country that laid the foundations of Western Civilization.  Here you will encounter sun-bleached ancient ruins and enjoy a wonderfully relaxed pace of life.  Summers are hot and dry enjoying a 7-month period of near-constant sunshine generally from around April until November.

Vritomartis, Crete - takes its name from an ancient Minoan Goddess who was much-revered and worshiped in this area of Crete where Vritomartis is situated.  The resort nestles on a promontory overlooking the Cretan Sea, and with the majestic White Mountains - that at their highest......Highly Recommended

Kefalonia, home to Vassaliki Naturist Club, Greece's newest naturist resort, is the largest of eleven sun drenched islands dotted along the west coast of mainland Greece.  Offering timeless  appeal, rugged landscape, temperate climate, inviting sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.  

Villa Atraides, is an adults only environment located in Corfu, Greece, which is designed for heterosexual couples who enjoy the freedom of naturism, and the company of other like minded adults. The villa is also suitable for single women.

Naturist Angel Club Hotel Rhodes Island, Open between May and Oct, 60 Bed spaces, Offering Swimming pool, Bar, Restaurant, WiFi, massage service, Music nights, Pageant. 

Defnoudi House, a traditional villa with 6 bed spaces overlooks beautiful scenery and has a swimming pool and high walled garden ensuring total privacy. 

Did you know? Greece has the longest coastline in Europe, the mainland has rugged mountains, forests, and lakes, but Greece is also famous for the thousands of islands scattered around the blue Aegean Sea to the East, the Mediterranean Sea to the South, and the Ionian Sea to the West. 

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