Naked ban at Holkham beach lifted

Naked News - Officials told naturists they must cover up on the sands at Holkham, north Norfolk, after complaints that it had become 'a haven for swingers and perverts'.

The beauty spot featured in Shakespeare in Love and was the setting for the final scene of the Oscar winning film where Gwyneth Paltrow walks along the beach after surviving a shipwreck.

Naturists were banned from the beach after locals complained about people having sex and propositioning others

Nudists were warned they faced arrest and prosecution if they got undressed on the beach which attracts around 500,000 visitors every year.

'We are confident that by following best practice any remaining problems can be resolved. We hope that it is all behind us now.'

He added: 'A lot of naturists were extremely angry and upset when the ban was put in place but there is no reason why it should happen again.

'That part of the beach has been used by naturists for as long as anyone can remember and we are working very hard to ensure it stays that way.'

The ban on nudism in the dunes, which are owned and managed by Holkham Estate, and on all land above mean high water, will still be enforced.

The beach and dunes form part of the Holkham National Nature Reserve which is also managed by the Holkham Estate.

The ban came after a Facebook campaign was launched in the summer of 2010 to crackdown on sex pests roaming the sands. Locals have complained about people having sex in public and propositioning beach-goers.

One campaigner wrote in August 2010: 'My last three visits to the beach have seen me propositioned twice.

'I've witnessed gay sex in the sand dunes and men walking around "playing". I've reported this to the wardens and local PCSO but nothing has been done.

'The beach used to be a lovely place to go but now it's just a haven for swingers and perverts who won't take no for an answer.'

David Horton-Fawkes, estates director at the Holkham Estate, said: 'We are aware that the Crown Estate has reversed its decision about nudism on the beach following the threat of judicial review by a small group of naturists.

'Until now the ban on nudism had stopped the illegal activity that has plagued the beach.

'We can only hope that this decision does not re-open the door to those who have ruined this part of the Nature Reserve for the vast majority of beach users.'

He added: 'The ban on nudism on Estate land remains in place because we believe it is important to safeguard our staff and visitors.

'Our team will continue to work closely with the Crown Estate, the police and Natural England to uphold the interests of the majority of people who visit the beach.'

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