Le Moulin de la Ronde, Indre, France

Family Naturist Campsite, Open on 1 Apr - 30 Sep, 50 Camping spaces, Swimming pool, Bar, Children's Games. 

Le Moulin de la Ronde is conveniently located on your holiday route. It is a haven of peace and discovery primarily visited by families with children. This place is a joyous whirlwind of dynamic activities. The unique atmosphere is largely due to the quality of visitors over the years and became regulars and friends.

Le Moulin de la Ronde is a paradise for children. They can play safely and will enjoy different adventure games such as a tractor ride, building a hut and hunting frogs and butterflies.

The Campsite is located near the supermarket. On the ground, you will find a bar open at 15 am to 21 pm and a snack - salad bar open at 18 am to 21 pm

Le Moulin de la Ronde
36150 Vatan

Phone: 02 54 49 83 28

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Le Moulin de la Ronde

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