Malta - MP's incident highlights need for nudist beaches

Labour MP Marlene Farrugia's incident at Gnejna in a spot used as an unofficial nudist area in summer highlighted the need to legalise naturist areas at certain spots on the island and provide better access to such, naturists said in a statement.

Last week, Ms Farrugia had to be rescued from a rocky ledge in Ġnejna Bay where she had been stranded, surrounded by jellyfish for more than an hour.

They also wrote to Ms Farrugia saying that due to a lack of personal freedom, naturists in Malta were forced to use spots such as the one where she faced difficulties.

Many people, they said, hurt themselves accessing these places and there were also some serious accidents.

“Non sexual naturism is perfectly fine in all of Europe and most of the world. We should not remain a backward thinking country and we urge the government to be truly liberal and not partial.

“Giving rights to some groups while ignoring the freedom of choice of others is not the way to engage in full civil liberties,” they said.

Ms Farrugia had been on a walk in the outer part of Gnejna with her son but opted to swim back because the risk of rain would have made the clay cliffs slippery.

She found herself in a swarm of jellyfish and climbed onto a rock ledge, from where she was eventually rescued by Civil Protection Department personnel on a dinghy.

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