Northampton Sun Group

Northampton Sun Group, Naturist Swim, Sauna and Steam Room

NSG has been meeting in Northampton on Sunday evenings since 1982.

Our evenings start at 5.30pm and finish at 8.00pm. At present NSG has 90 members from all walks of life, all ages (10 - 80+ years) and all shapes & sizes. We are a very friendly group which is typical of naturist clubs, the mid-evening 'tea-break' gives the opportunity for a chat and to socialise with other members, it has become a tradition to close the break with a 'joke of the week'.

We hold sessions every week (except Bank Holiday weekends and the summer holidays) for swimming and the use of the venue's Swedish sauna & Russian steam room, we also have the use of three Turkish hot rooms to relax in and a lounge area to hold the very informal meeting. It’s the ultimate swimming experience and a great way to finish the weekend!

New members are always welcome. 

Northampton Sun Group

Phone: 08707 654326

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