Scottish Outdoor Club, Loch Lomond

Scottish Outdoor Club, Family Naturist Club, on an island, Sauna, Clubhouse, Miniten

Scottish Outdoor Club is a naturist club which welcomes new members, couples and singles and families, who are interested in naturism and a stress free way of life, and visitors and members of British Naturists (BN) or members of the International Naturist Federation. Scottish Outdoor Club is situated on an island in the middle of Loch Lomond in Scotland.  Much of the island is covered with mature natural woodland and teems with wildlife

The club is unique in Britain in being surrounded by the country's largest expanse of freshwater. Despite the Loch Lomond area being a major tourist attraction as a renowned place of scenic beauty, the club's site offers peaceful seclusion.

Scottish Outdoor Club
Loch Lomond

Phone: 0141 775 1071

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