YURTA TOUCH, Sensual Massage Workshop & Holiday for Couples, Spain

Yurta Touch - Sensual Massage Workshop:  Imagine learning with your partner, the wonderful art of Sensual Massage in a Workshop and Holiday for couples in a stunning naturist environment close to the beach.  You will each receive one-on-one training whilst staying in our beautiful yurts in Southern Spain.  


Wouldn't you love to be able to give and receive a professional, loving full-body sensual massage? Did you know that the human body has sensual, erogenous areas everywhere?  Your skin is the largest organ of the human body, and along with the brain, the biggest erogenous zone. 

We will teach you where to touch, and more importantly, how to touch these beautiful erogenous zones. 

sensual massage workshop for couples spainSensual Massage Workshop and Holiday, Spain, Learn the beautiful Art of Sensual Massage on our wonderful holidays for couples in Spain

We are Nick and Irene, experienced husband and wife massage team (Nick is a trained Massage Teacher and Tantric Massage Teacher). Learn the power of quality touch, which is one of the most beautiful experiences of love we can give on our one week combined workshop and holiday in beautiful Southern Spain. We offer this unique and wonderful holiday in a beautiful, calming, Yurt environment very close to the beach on a beautiful Naturist Campsite.  We have two Yurts, one in which you will live for the week, one is reserved for the workshops.  See the Yurts

Sensual Massage Workshop courseYour Tutors, Nick
and Irene

Join us for between 3 to 7 nights

The Full Sensual Massage Workshop takes place over 6 days in your 7 day holiday, with two, two hour sessions per day.  In each session you will each receive one-on-one training in the art of sensual massage or take our 3 night (most popular) option.   

You will be shown a large variety of massage techniques, with one partner giving and the other receiving, then you will reverse places for the later session. Not only will you learn the secrets for giving and receiving a 

body-melting, sensual and erotic massage, you will also learn how the use of conscious breath and energy work can transform the massage experience into a completely new blissful experience.

massage workshop

We incorporate numerous methods in our massage routines including, Swedish Massage, Tantric Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Maya Abdominal Massage, Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Techniques. Your training will encourage the free flow of vital energy, completely relax the body

musculature, trigger dermal sensitivity, relieve all stresses and worries and you will discover all-new sensory parameters.  You will become immersed in a deep sense of relaxation which opens the door to sensual pleasure, and uncovers a world of possibilities. 

Yurt el PortusLarge Yurt interior.
Yurt El PortusBeautiful two Yurt Plot

We will coach you in breathing and relaxation techniques which you can use as a prelude to your massage sessions at home.  These will include connecting emotionally with your partner, stimulation of the skin without oils, observation and appreciation of your partner's body and how to build anticipation for the coming massage.  

Or, if you would like to just and stay for a wonderful holiday in our Yurts, please click here for information and pictures of our Yurt holiday.  You will incidentally, each receive a complimentary massage from us on your holiday. 

Would you only like to try our sensual massages?  We will give you 2 x 2hr sensual massages for couples for €120.  

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email on yurtatouch@gmail.com@gmail.com.

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